12th May 2017

neowa affiliated company wins environmental honour GreenTec Award in Berlin

International award for environmentally compatible process for GRP recycling for the affiliated company neocomp GmbH


Lüneburg, On 12th May 2017, neocomp GmbH has received the GreenTec Award in the category “Recycling & Resources by Veolia” in Berlin for their method in processing glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The managing directors of neocomp GmbH Hans-Dieter Wilcken and Frank J. Kroll received the award.


© GreenTechAward - Hans-Dieter Wilcken (Nehlsen GmbH & Co. KG) und Frank J. Kroll (neowa GmbH)
© GreenTechAward - Hans-Dieter Wilcken (Nehlsen GmbH & Co. KG) und Frank J. Kroll (neowa GmbH)

“We are very proud that we were able to convince the jury with our innovative concept,” said Frank J. Kroll expressing his pleasure about the award and the appreciation of the many years of development work.


neocomp GmbH is an affiliated company of neowa GmbH, domiciled in the German town of Lüneburg,  as well as of Nehlsen GmbH & Co. KG, and has its headquarters in Bremen.


The new process permits an environmentally compatible and economical recovery of GRP in a so-called zero-waste process. The materials produced in the process are recycled thermally and materially completely in the production of cement. Moreover, the use of materials from downstream industries is possible as well. In this way a closed sustainable recycling circuit is ensured. Every year, neocomp GmbH recycles 30,000 tons of waste in the Bremen-based plant.


Since 2008, projects in environment and resource protection in a total of fifteen categories are honoured with the GreenTec Award during the worldwide largest environment and economy award ceremony. An interdisciplinary jury with more than seventy representatives from economy, science, associations and media decide on the nominees and winners of the awards. The jury chose this year’s award winners from the three best projects in each category.


Economic recycling

On account of its positive features in numerous fields, such as the production of rotor blades for wind turbine generators, shipbuilding or automobile industry, GRP enjoys great popularity. On account of its high strength, flexibility as well as easy processing in production, GRP can be used versatilely. However, up to now its recycling possibilities were rather limited.


Landfilling of GRP waste has been forbidden since 2005 already, and incineration in plants designed for the purpose is possible to a limited extent only. With its process neocomp GmbH offers an economically sensible solution for processing GRP – in particular, in view of the current discussion about recycling an increasing number of worn-out rotor blades.


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About neocomp GmbH

The GRP processing plant is operated by neocomp GmbH – a company of the Nehlsen Group as well as neowa GmbH. The company founded in 2015 is specialised in the sustainable disposal of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). As a professional recycling company, it offers a 100-percent recycling guarantee. www.neocomp.eu

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