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Launch of the Fibreglass Recycling Europe brand. This stands for the collection, transport and residue-free recycling of GRP waste. Here, in an innovative recycling process, a high-quality substitute is gained for the cement industry from the GRP waste. The significant advantages of this sustainable process lie in the fact that no residues are accrued. This recycling process guarantees 100-percent recycling of GRP waste.


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With Fibreglass Recycling Europe, users receive the full service from one source, from collection to complete recycling. In each of our partner countries, they can find a contact who will provide the optimal, local solution for them.



Companies that contractually agree the management of their GRP waste with Fibreglass Recycling Europe receive value added. They are permitted to place the Fibreglass Recycling Europe label on their products as an indication of environmentally friendly and sustainable recycling – whether as a printed or online label, products can even be stamped.



With the Fibreglass Recycling Europe brand, we are setting new standards in the recycling of GRP waste. This is a process that is in harmony with users and the environment, making a lasting impact by recycling waste in a way that is environmentally friendly and clean.



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worn out GRP blades
worn out GRP blades
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GRP production waste
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GRP textiles

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