Frank J. Kroll


Frank J. Kroll founded neowa GmbH in November 2014 as a further activity within a group of companies focused on environmental technology and runs it as the Managing Director.

In October 2012, he moved to this environmental group as Managing Director of Ferropan-Lamisan GmbH from his role as CEO of Triton Water AG.

As a Vice President of Siemens AG, he was previously responsible for the water business in Europe.


Frank J. Kroll has many years of experience as a manager in the international water and industry business, and as Managing Director and CEO/COO he was responsible for the successful outsourcing and sale of former Siemens company WABAG GmbH, Vienna. Also, in 2004 he led the acquisition of the North American USFilter group. During his time at Siemens AG, Frank J. Kroll was employed in various management functions in many parts of the world.


Frank J. Kroll (managing director)
Frank J. Kroll (managing director)

Jörg Lempke


Jörg Lempke was actively involved in the founding process of neowa GmbH and is responsible for the control and management of sales.

From 2009 to 2014, as Managing Director of Zajons group, Jörg Lempke managed and expanded the company to a processing volume of 170,000 t per year in this period, internationalised the activities of the organisation, and established a Europe-wide return and recycling system for fibre-based plastics.


Previously, as Managing Director at Veolia Environmental Services, he was responsible for the Hamburg site as Branch Manager.

Jörg Lempke has 20 years of experience in various management functions of environmental technology.


Jörg Lempke (head of sales)
Jörg Lempke (head of sales)

Mika Lange


Mika Lange is responsible for GRP/CFRP recycling and in charge of purchasing and sales for neowa GmbH.


From 2009 through 2014 he worked for the Zajons Group as waste flow manager. Prior to that he served as sales manager for various recyclers in northern Germany.  He has been working in the industry for nearly 20 years, obtaining in-depth knowledge in the fields of scrap and hazardous waste disposal and also in project management.


Mika Lange has been working for neowa GmbH since it was founded in 2014. He has been a member of the management team since 2017.


Mika Lange (material flow manager)
Mika Lange (material flow manager)

Stefan Gross


After seven years of employment as factory manager within the Amiantit Group, Stefan Groß has changed job to neowa GmbH.


Previously Mr Groß was employed at a pipe-coating plant of Salzgitter Mannesmann GmbH, and was active as a plant manager in Baku in Azerbaijan for more than three years. In a project run by BP, Mr Groß managed the coating works and the logistics. At neowa GmbH, Mr Groß is responsible for the management, control and organisation of the entire operating process and operational performance. Apart from the responsible leadership of the employees, the main focus is on cost-optimised production of commercial services, staff deployment and resource planning, coordination of material flow as well as the assurance of plant availability.


In his more than 20 years of work he dealt with subjects revolving around ISO 14001 and EN ISO 9000 et seq. as well as matters on occupational safety and work safety. Mr Groß is mechanical and business engineer. Apart from his native language, he is fluent in English.


Stefan Gross (plant manager)
Stefan Gross (plant manager)

Nils-Mathes Fiege


Nils-Mathes Fiege received his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, with concentrations in design and development, from the Fachhochschule Kiel in 2014. After completing his studies, he designed PET recycling plants for Krones AG in Flensburg. He also worked on new machinery projects. Beginning in 2016 he was part of the quality team and managed projects for recycling plants around the world.


In 2016 he began a course of study at the Hochschule Wismar in Business Consulting, focusing on project management, consulting and development of Business Cases.


Nils-Mathes Fiege joined neowa GmbH as project manager and process engineer in 2018. He is responsible for the planning and implementation of recycling plants.


Nils-Mathes Fiege
Nils-Mathes Fiege (projekt manager)

Marie Hintze


Marie Hintze coordinates domestic and international projects related to GRP/CFRP recycling, focusing on scrapping of wind energy plants. She is responsible for general supply chain management. She oversees and coordinate the activities of all the companies involved in the process.


Marie Hintze supervises the waste flows and monitors the monthly recycling quantities.


As a result of having worked for different companies, from family-run businesses to international corporations, Marie Hintze has obtained extensive experience in SCM and international sales.


Marie Hintze
Marie Hintze (project coordinator)

Ivana Peters


Ms Ivana Peters is responsible for national as well as international material planning of neowa GmbH. In this respect she closely cooperates with the sales representatives, and coordinates the activities between the loading points and the logistics providers. Ms Peters also represents Ms Anke Schulze during her absence in coordination with Mr Lange.


She worked as a forwarding agent for an internationally active forwarding company in Hamburg for a long period of time beforehand.


Ivana Peters  (material planing)
Ivana Peters (material planing)

Anke Schulze


Anke Schulze deals with all administrative tasks of neowa GmbH. In addition, she is responsible for the bookkeeping in our company.


In the Zajons Group she was also responsible for this extensive field of functions during the period from 2010 to the beginning of 2015.


Anke Schulze has many years of experience in the secretarial field as well as in the accounts receivable / accounts payable and financial department, which she gained in various industries.

Anke Schulze  ( secretarial staff, accounting department)
Anke Schulze ( secretarial staff, accounting department)

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